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HA! For the record, yes it is.. always and forever, all about me.

Seriously… (I say that because I don’t want you to maybe think that I seriously think it is really all about me even though I secretly know in my deepest, darkest heart it is, but then you’ll think maybe I’m an ass and really, really, really, really want you to like me …..)

Ahem… I’m ok… I’m ok…

Seriously, I read Danna Colman essay and liked it.. folks be needing some tough love. Folks be needing some bumper guards on this little journey on this rock hurling through space thinking they be all that. As long as that love is there to help them get better, not rip them apart. We don’t want them giving up; we want them striving…. don’t we? I dunno… if everyone was the best at everything, we would need a bigger internet… where was I?

Oh, yeah, rambling.

I got that both essays were parody and that parody only works when it is basted with truth… and a long tongue, but that sort of velvet-tipping is not appropriate for this sort of discussion…. Gerard Mclean the hell is wrong with you?

Please don’t delete anything Danna Colman Folks need to hear the message straight AND parodied. They need to sharpen their wit, their reading comprehension and if you don’t provide the lesson, then who will? WHO WILL?!?!?

But on a super serious-this-is-not-parody note, the number of people in the world, on Medium wherever, truly does not matter when it really matters. I wrote this, You will matter. (I attempted an audio version that is linked below the text; it’s short and it will be redone…)