incurred the wrath of a French mother — picture a stream of French/English words, hand gestures
Bwa ha ha ! I loved this Kate….
Michelle Stone

HAHAHAHA Oh, god I know that look so well… Growing up — there were five of us, all close in age — we lived in an old house that had all the walls and such in the middle of it, so you could run around the house, through the living room, dining room, kitchen, through a long hallway and again… when you got enough exit power, you could run through the doors, across the porch and leap out into the wide open freedom of the neighborhood, hang with the other urchins until dark and hope Mom had calmed down by then…

And in Minnesota (pre-global warming days) the window to the outside was only about four, maybe five months of the year… piss her off in December, you are just screwed….

Pair that with a large wooden spoon she always seemed to be carrying… I’m talking virgin-growth wood, not that woosey pine they make spoons out of today… anyway, nothing more terrifying to another human being than an angry French woman…. Merde!

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