From where I sit, personally, I think we have no civic challenge greater than to unionize medical rescue. I think universal healthcare is the only ethical course of action and that we should honor the agreements we made in the UNDHR and concede that we are systemically denying the human right of healthcare to millions of our own citizens every day.
The Evil Banality of “PharmaBitch”
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

HOW do we make this the primary focus of our government? If the people don’t have health, they have nothing. Everything we do assumes life. Everything. And if the United States of America does not have people who are breathing within her borders, she has ZERO REASON to exist. To protect rocks? To guard fields of grass blowing in the wind?

How is this so hard for governments to understand?

I know you know all this…. just screaming out loud in desperate agony. Sorry for the digital litter….