I even picked up the guitar once or twice.
The Thrill is Gone
Randomly Me

I got a portable manual typewriter for my birthday and I’ve been spending a lot of time with it, spilling words onto paper. Medium doesn’t have an OCR program that translates onto glass, so my stories are all neatly stacked in a pile on my desk…. or I may have let them float gently into the basket after having bled all over them…

I suck at the guitar and recently broke the first string on my banjo, which I have yet to replace. Banjo strings are like car tyres, you can’t just replace one… somehow, for me lately, that seems like an overwhelming task.

Medium may have inspired me to write deeper but the membership changes made me realize that I might also need to change the Medium of my writing; to move more to where it feels more real, to inject the element of touch, to embrace a muse and inject inspiration through my fingertips into my heart, soul and mind instead of through my eyes….

Still here; still reading but I crave more touch than Medium can give.