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I hope I’m wrong and you are right…. I’m just trying real hard to find the wider arc in light of the redneck, hillybilly TrumpDump I find myself in daily. When you’re in a jar of horseradish….

A local Clark County sheriff’s deputy who lives around the corner from me just now started sporting a Gadsden flag sticker on his personal pickup (we all know he is a LEO)… two more Trump yard signs just went up on my block… three blocks over, a house is now flying (in proper order… yay…) an American Flag, a Confederate battle flag, a Gadsden flag… never mind Ohio fought on the Union side of the Civil War…. my neighbors get more embolden to say things like … “you see they shot another n***** yesterday? Damn time…” (I have an advantage… I wear the face of an old white dude…. they think I’m one of them and it’s dangerous to have them think otherwise…. they can’t read, so I doubt they will ever see this…. but I’ll know if they do…. I’ll probs pull this down in an hour or so….)

It’s getting nuttier by the day as the fever mounts…. it’s just hard to see the arc bending….

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