Does Your State Democratic Party’s Platform Endorse Medicare for All? Let’s Look.
Jonathan Cohn

I have absolutely no idea where Ohio stands on health care. They have no positions on their website, though they do link to the DNC platform… so I guess that is their platform? They have something called the 1618Plan where one of their goal is “Making it crystal clear why we are Democrats and what we are fighting for” but their website has almost nothing.

There is an organization called SPANOhio that is all about SinglePayer. Since they are non-partisan, the OhioDems don’t have a formal relationship with them, but they should be paying attention. The Ohio GOP has clearly stated they are not interested in the FedGov having anything to do with health care….

But, this happened and I am attending their conference on April 29

We’re moving forward to get SinglePayer in Ohio, even if we have to fight the Democratic Party to do it. David Pepper has a confirmed copy of my book on his desk; so does Hillary Clinton and Sherrod Brown. We’re going to make this happen. All three have a standing invitation to come to my home and talk about SinglePayer at my kitchen table….. THAT I am absolutely confident will happen.