Hello Gerard.
Renée S

I love your writing style, your ability to hold a complex thought and express it completely in elegant paragraphs. It mesmerizes me. I read through bureau-à-gradin and I can’t wait for there to be more. (I have an imprint as well — Sharktooth Press — that I’m waffling around on what to do with. Can I watch your journey for inspiration?)

American life horrifies me too! I watch the circus that has become our political system and am increasingly convinced that there has been a bit of a unspoken deal that the politicians provide diversion and distraction for the corporations that are stripping us of wealth and rights, much like how Penn Jillette explains magic. He’s basically handing them the formula, then telling Americans how the trick is being done, yet they still believe the magic is real. It is simultaneously amazing and horrifying.

It is also August 30, which means another month where I will hand over a huge chunk of cash to Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Ohio for absolutely no health care whatsoever.

So I will be in a pretty pissed off state for the next several days. I’m tapping out this comment before the thought of paying all that money for nothing consumes my hopeful mood and clobbers my ability to see beauty. In case I don’t emerge this time, your writing will have been the last bit of beauty I will have experienced.

Wish me luck! See you in September.

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