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I stood out at the mall in philly yesterday next to a BernieBro, complete with 2% body fat, a backwards Titelist baseball cap and wrap around sunglasses. He yelled something about Hillary’s “crimes” etc and attempted to engaged in MLK history with Bo Floyd, a woman standing a few places over. She never raised her voice but she eviscerated him so completely that he ended up moving down into the crowd, hopefully more away from the cameras. I did not ask her age because that would have been impolite, but she has been teaching music in Birmingham schools for 39 years and will not leave because she understands the power base in this country is in school boards. This is her.

There are many, many more Bo’s out there than BernieBros. I was pretty skeptical as well, but when I saw Bo take this kid down and felt her spirit and resolve as she talked to me, the energy in her hug, I’m beginning to have a stronger faith than I had on Monday.

Get out there, find those Bo Floyds. They’re there. Media has a way of scaring us through glass and paper, but human touch and interaction amplifies positive energy far deeper and faster.

Wherever you are today, thank you Bo!

(I whispered in her ear that taking a photo with me made us lasting friends for life and she agreed. So much richer today.)