This is the part that I think of first when the media, looking for ratings, or “sharers” looking for “I’m with you” cred keep rerunning/resharing these films.
This is the part that I think of first when the media, looking for ratings, or “sharers” looking…

I worked in media at a time when editors in a newsroom would spend a lot of time in ethical and moral agony on whether to show a particular photo or share a video clip. Pre-social, pre-click bait, when copyeditors wrote the headlines and handled the craft as serious journalism.

The wall between advertising and editorial was unscalable but the barbarians were beating at the gate. It was just a matter of time before the editorial we guarded would be splashed with yellow dye and we all knew it. It kinda felt like an Alamo fight…

Now, the discussions don’t even factor in if media should show this or that but in which channel to maximize the traffic. I disagree with Thin Man on the societal value of this “cop murder porn.”

I think the horror of it all peaked at about Ferguson and now we’re into the *shrug* phase. These clips and stories will start losing their shock and corresponding click value to media as they look for another drug to fuel their traffic appetite.

I don’t know how you get a stronger fix than gunning down a man in cold blood in the middle of the day on live tv but tv will find it. They have to; their business model depends on it. As horrific as a murder is, what they find to replace that should horrify us even before we know what it is.

I don’t know how we change the hyper-militaristic police state we have created but we need to. The civilian oversight power appears not to be effective.

America has too much. Too many “disposable” people, too much natural resources, too much space, too much money, too much power, too much time … too much everything. That leads to “waste thinking” which leads to actions that doesn’t matter if we kill or consume at a rapid and indiscriminate way.

Hey, we’ll make more… right??

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