Youth, the Secret of Life, and Other Alchemy
Mike Sturm

I’m well over 50 and have never grown up. Sure, I deal with paying the mortgage, taking care of the plumbing issues, fix leaky roofs, get the kids through college… and now paying for wedding expenses quietly and discretely… to the outside world, I am a fully-grown man who is a responsible adult. But I’m really just a kid whose body grew into this old man costume.

I believe in magic. I say “no rain, no rainbows” a lot when bad things happen. There is always a rainbow after a rain.

I grew up in a city. I loved my block but not living in my house. I envied the kids in the suburbs who didn’t have four bars at the end of their street. But in hindsight, I wouldn’t trade it. I can still smell the memories of those bar parking lots.

My kids grew up in the suburbs. Now that they are grown and flown, I yearn for a life again in a city with its hustle and bustle, the smells of filth, stale beer and piss; smells that may offend others but are sweet memories for me.

Forward sometimes looks like going back.