just sitting on presumably because they dont see any investments worth the risk of having to claim and pay taxes on
What is criminal is that they are sitting on hundreds of billions in offshore accounts, huge wads…
Dustin Briscoe

In all fairness, I’m sitting on a huge amount of consumer credit with a FICO north of 840, and zero debt because I can’t see anything in the consumer space I need or want. House to live in? Got it. Car to drive? Got a couple. Rental property? Can’t see a market. Software company? Got one, can’t see a market that won’t just be pissing away cash. Neither can Apple, apparently. So many gadgets you can buy that you need. I see a huge maintenacne cost suck and no asset value for anything I would want to buy, so I don’t. Moreover, the overall sh*tiness of anything I buy would just inject stress into my life.

I suspect that is most of consumer who are credit-worthy as well. We just don’t f*king need anything. And business believes most potential customers are like me….. so, here we sit… THAT is the worldwide economy right now.. which is why there is only money in transactions; rents, data plans, ATM withdrawals, medical health insurance premiums… that is all people are spending money on…

and our government is helping them fleece us for it. If we won’t spend on durable goods, by God, they will make use spend on fungible fees for breathing air and drinking water.

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