Your Resume Sucks Because Resumes Suck
Jason Flamm

Know people.

Jobs come through connections. If that doesn’t work, stock your résumé with keywords that the ATS can spit out. I worked in HR. Most front line HR people are kinda lazy and not very skilled at the initial search for skills. They are not paid much, given little authority and have very little experience with search for candidates that a hiring manager needs. So they just match blindly on keywords.

No frontline HR person wants or needs anything creative. The more structured the résumé, the better. Résumés almost never remain on paper anymore; they get parsed into an ATS as disembodied data fields. Boring, helvetica, scannable, OCRable accurately.

Anything else is just a good narrative for a blog post on Medium

Also, viral and grass-roots are not really things either, but I’ll save that truth bomb for another day.

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