Letter to Brad Deane; not rhetorical

May 15, 2015

Bradley Deane
Constituent Service Liaison
Office of Senator Sherrod Brown
801 West Superior Ave., Suite 1400
Cleveland, OH 44113

Mr. Deane;

During a recent phone conversation regarding the exorbitant and soaring cost of my health care — despite Senator Brown receiving my vote with the assumption that he was re-elected to protect our interests against — you consistently stated;

“I assume that is a rhetorical question.”

I assure you that my questions were most assuredly NOT rhetorical. They are very real and the answers determine the quality of my life and my family’s. I caution you to not so easily dismiss my concerns by gamifying constituent services into catch phrases when confronted with questions that have no answer.

When there is no answer, there is a system flaw. When there is no viable recourse for citizens trapped in a health care system that either fleeces them or fines them for noncompliance, this is not a rhetorical question.

This is a system flaw. Fix it.


Gerard McLean
Ohio voter, Small business owner, Job creator
Father of two Ohio University-educated degree holders
Homeowner, Educated citizen