Ten months ago, I rebooted my life. This is my monthly check-in for August.
Wil Wheaton

More days behind us… I’ll never forget that time when my son wanted so badly to move from Dayton, Ohio to New York City… he was 24 graduated out of college about 6 months. We were driving back from some thing in Detroit. He was on and off his phone with potential landlords and not paying as much attention to the road as I thought he should be, driving a large cargo van, me riding shotgun.

I suggested that perhaps he take care of the phone calls when we get back home. I’ll never forget his face and words as he turned to me and almost screamed, “I’m not getting any younger!” (Ok, he screamed at me)

He was 24, but the panic of not having much life left to live and needing to squeeze every drop out of it was so real, despite the absurdity of that moment. I wanted to laugh, but somehow knew this was a solemn moment that would pivot both our lives.

It was.

Most of the time I think he is much, much smarter than me. Don’t tell him I said that until after my days have expired. I got very little leverage left these days.

PS it took me nine years to write my little book of stories… a one summer deadline would stress me out. ;)