My daughter calls from school one day,

“Dad…. Is mom there?”

“Nope. What do you need.”

“Mom. Is she there? I really need..,”

“M. What do you need?”

“Ummmmm… tampons…”

“Ok. What kind?”

“Ummm… tampax… <details>”

“Going to the store, be at school in half an hour.”

I march into the Kroger, get the box, pay and deliver to the school, not giving a crap what any man thought along the way nor was I gonna be shy with the nurse at school.

The conversation at home went something along the lines of “every woman has her period. It’s part of life. Never be ashamed. And any boy you date or want to marry — if he is unwilling to get to the store at 3am or any other time he need him to pick up tampons for you, you keep looking for one who will.”

And she has.

She has called asking me to pick up her birth control when she had to work late and I’ve had frank conversations at the doctors office that made the doc uncomfortable. It’s a human function, required to stay healthy.

Anyone who has problems with me buying tampons, that’s THEIR problem. I have no shame with that and never will. Men need to get over it.

Sorry for the preachy tone. ;)

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