Tell Me More About How Much You Hate Millennials, You Old Fart
Ellie Guzman

Nailed the insidious cycle perfectly. I’m with Gutbloom on the creep line but I’m gonna ignore it and comment/follow you anyway and fake being self unaware of my oldfartness. There are no jobs for almost anyone except the connected elite in the upper 20% and the easily exploited in the “poorly educated” which the favored candidate just declared he loves in his NV caucus speech. So many feelings that words are failing right now so I think I’ll just do some horrified and then sad selfies on the snapchat. (Some old fart in the NYT wrote how he was illiterate with tech and the kids no longer read and language is dead. Gonna prove him wrong taking 10 selfies in less than a minute, communicating 10,000 words in 60 secs.) I could ramble on … here is the NYT article