Very interesting!

Nope! He is someone who bought his way in, but he is not one of the rich kids of NYC society. Nor will his kids ever now because of him. They may or may not realize it yet.

He was the son of a tradesman who built houses for the lower classes who happened to have gamed the system to amass some wealth. Now, if Donald had gone to school and taken that seriously, went to work on Wall Street for a banking house and kept his head down then maybe he would have been accepted in Manhattan society, but he has an inferiority complex and a penchant for “ostentatious” wealth instead of old, hidden money. He fundamentally did not understand how the rules of wealth worked from an early age … it’s just too late for him … even if he had learned along the way.

Donald Trump may have been evolved into money but he wasn’t born into it. He doesn’t understand the wealthy and doesn’t fit in.