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Not me. Got everything planned, paid for and written out, even my obit… it’s short.

I am under no delusion about my value here when I’m alive. I am a set of functions; learn life basics, procreate, raise kids to adulthood so they have the skills to ensure the survival of the human species, hang out in the interim, have a laugh and a pint every now and then, maybe create stuff like this comment, a few essays, a book, whatever… anything that helps ensure the survival of the species, then die and take up as few resources as possible from the living… which means space, wealth, grief, mourning etc. The living need to get on with their lives and not keep looking back to miss me. I want nobody to spend time visiting my grave, missing me…

I don’t understand how someone can be loved so much that their death stops the living from living. I never want to be that person. *stiff arm* I want to be that person who contributes when alive, but when I’m dead, forget me and move on. Anything that gets me there is good.

4–6 weeks before I fertilize a tree? Lead me to that.