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One day I will share the story of my name but I do go by Gerard in all 42 states. ;)

Yes, the history goes back and I have traced it back. But I am tired and I see no recourse during my lifetime. And the GenY won’t care until their premiums get over $300 which are designed to not really kick in until they are 40 or so by my math, probably then locked into a mortgage they can’t get out of, still gigging and scared to death of not being able to feed their 1–2 kids they thought they could afford.

By the time the movement needs GenY mass to tip the argument, I will either be already dead or expatriated, but I will longer have the fight in me to do this.

I suspect Hillary Clinton Sherrod Brown and The Democrats know this which is why my letter-writing on the ACA does not worry them one damn bit. There has to be more to life than clawing and scratching, fighting for basic dignity, terrified of going bankrupt in a country that does not forgive the sin of poverty or disability, every waking minute. At some point, I will give up, leave it behind and drop out K to some happier place.