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It might be a bit more than just the “white trash” indicators. There seems to be a whole bunch of people that cuts across class that are systemically being ignored or taken for granted by the Democratic Party and the media elites, much to their peril.

I am not what one would call “white trash.” I am, on paper, a Republican because of my age, small business owner status, gender, geography, income, zip code, how I look, etc., but philosophically, I am a progressive because of my education, socialist tendencies; because I can reason human beings need each other to survive and thrive, not be gutting each other for short-term individual gain. Neither party really knows what to do with folks like me so neither really courts my vote. I don’t fit their personae.

The Democrats take me for granted; the Republicans ignore me as a tiny blue dot in a sea of red. Ohio is so gerrymandered that I would be very surprised if the The Democrats actually pull off a win, but they only care about Cleveland and Columbus, in that order anyway. Dayton metro can drop off the face of the damn planet for all they care. It’s a lost demo for them, even through Montgomery Cty went blue in 2012, 2008, 2004 and 2000 (just barely in 00 and 04… by a hair..) I think it will go red in 2016.

The level of disrespect makes reasoning like this very easy. This has nothing to do with class and everything to do with a big “f*ck you” to massive haughty disrespect. I’ve had enough lip service from Dems and media elites. The ACA? Bragging about how many under 27 are now insured on the parents’ backs…. OUR BACKS?!?! and how we’re carrying the benefits now for gig-corporations hiring young people? The hell!

Sure, I screw me by screwing them, but either way, I’m screwed. Just looking for a less painful screw. I just need to go into the voting booth, click on Trump with my middle finger and not look back.

So easy.