You can learn a lot about how a team plays soccer. The lesson lives forever.

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On October 22, 2020 the Judicial Committee in the American Senate voted 12–0 to advance the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the full Senate for debate and confirmation. The Democratic senators all boycotted the vote in protest, denying the committee, chaired by the Republican Lindsey Graham, a quorum. According to the rules, the committee required at least two members of the minority to be present.

Senator Graham responded by simply changing the rules on the fly to allow the vote.

My Senator from Ohio, Rob Portman, had already pledged his vote to confirm Barrett onto the Supreme Court regardless. Unconditionally. He was the same senator who refused to even meet with Merrick Garland because the seat opened just eight months prior to Election Day. …

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How do you sell a soccer tournament during a pandemic? The short answer is; you don’t.

Instead, you pivot to marketing your event for next year. Everyone is now on the same level playing field, all of your competitors have the same market conditions under which to attract teams. Nobody has any particular advantage, points don’t matter, especially if everyone was required to cancel last year.

Teams have short memories. They will remember their experience from last year, but their experience from two years ago will be a foggy memory, if they remember you at all. …

Sarah Wilson-Blackwell wrote a book about SEO titled, “Heavy Traffic, Drive Organic Traffic to your Website with SEO Content Writing,” and it is as funny as it is informative.

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Sarah Wilson-Blackwell’s book, Heavy Traffic, Drive Organic Traffic to your Website with SEO Content Writing, is as funny as it is informative. She delivers what promises to be a dry, boring, mundane, pedantic subject in a delightfully light, deadpan cadence.

Her irreverent, snarky tone is a delight with every turn of the page, leading the reader further down the rabbit hole of her brain.

If her goal was to merely sell a book, she would have already succeeded. Once the reader has turned the first page, however, she has further succeeded in dragging them into a world she views a little off-kilter from the obvious and into the subtle shadows the light creates. …


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