While I Was Redesigning a Boarding Pass, Paper Got Old

RFID that pairs with the app. When you find your seat, the app buzzes, dings, alerts, Siri yells at you, whatever. The boarding pass should be — and can be now — contextual. Like the map app. Overview when you start, but when you start routing, turn right in 200 yards…

I also print three copies of all boarding passes in addition to the airline app. One stays with a human being (in case the plane goes down, everything is at their fingertips) one in my pocket/passport for quick reference (the one I use mainly to navigate the gate, through security) and one in my case just in case.

All are hard to read because they are airline-first, not traveler-first.

Also, can you do something about article byline and dateline placement? Time, place and who wrote it matter. I hate scrolling around and finding it in tiny print. Sorry for the late reply; I just now saw you wrote this last month.