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Right? It’s like Phase Two of the Gnome Underpants business. “Just deploy” advice given by people who don’t really know how to do it but are sure it can be done.

I’ve been trying to create a set up script but keep running up the wrong onramp and having to back up a few hundred yards and take another turn. I then wipe everything out and start over. My needs are pretty basic and that seems to be the damn problem; everything wants to be so complicated with a million different choices.

I need a LAMP stack, separate MySQL server, Perl, multiple ssh, ftp accounts and Apache to host multiple domains on separate user accounts. Should not be hard but it’s something the “experts” have decided to sneer at. Not to mention Amazon provides zero meaningful support for any of this unless you are the size of a Twitter or snapchat.

Yet everyone is moving to AWS where in 5 yrs, there will be no other choice. It’s kinda scary.

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