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Seriously, if this is just now being discovered by journalists, y’all have not been paying one damn bit of attention to most of America. Your ignorance is not something to be proud of, celebrated or reported on as some “investigative” piece.

Get the hell out of your NYC/DC/SF/LA office and out into the country you claim to report on and know. You can bunk in one of the two spare bedrooms in my house in Dayton, Ohio I can’t sell because everyone here is backwardly mobile and the youngs are risk-averse due to the Great Rece… know what, just come out and visit for a spell. We’ll chat on this, that and ceiling wax.

But quit writing articles on things that are incredibly obvious to everyone else but you* and crow that you’ve discovered the secret. You’re just late to the game we all saw coming.

PS not voting Trump. I don’t have to condone something to understand it. *The collective “media you,” not the you of you.