your responses are so awesome sometimes.
Kindra F.

Sure. Public school were set up mid 1800s to educate farm families manifested manifest destiny. Where there is a gov mandate to do something, there’s an opportunity for power. Local lawyers and land managers with name recognition formed “boards” who’s primary job was to recruit teachers from the east, St Louis, Baltimore, New York, etc. mostly women who they hope would stay and marry the menfolk, have families to work the homesteaded land…. Without fleshing it all out, you get the jist.

The primary goal of these teachers was to have the kids em read and write well enough to be able to at least read the most important and most printed book, the Bible. As the territories grew, so do the school boards and their power. Just map a traditional local power base and its influence fe as a sociological study and you’ll see how they maintain power.

Stay small, stay concentrated on a single issue, “graduate” apostles to spread your word. But protect that board, protect that power.

Same thing happens with a local soccer club but they just don’t have government influence.

You see the seeds everywhere and folks will accuse you of conspiracy thinking. But it’s not; it’s staying aware, it’s being woke.