Coal will never come back, at least not as a fuel that is burned in power plants.
The New Yorker issue with a cartoon of Trump on the cover has an article by a writer who spent some…

There are bigger issues and being in Ohio down the 75 corridor from Detroit to Dayton, GM is a lot like the WV coal country. Car jobs ARE NOT COMING BACK! We have a Chinese company here making glass windshields employing 600ish people but the wages top out at about $14/hr and the turn is massive. They ignore OSHA and the State of Ohio AG looks the other way because …. GOP is in charge in the Statehouse and… JOBS!! So everyone who used to make $28/hr with benefits flock to these jobs but they don’t want old guys; they want young kids with weak wills and strong backs… who don’t vote. So….

Therein lies the voting math. Pissed off older white dudes who used to be somebody with a job and a house, now a thrown away nobody whose only activity every day is drinking beer and watching Fox News.

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