An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

There are no bad jobs, just ungrateful people working them. I’ve delivered papers on three large routes (St Paul, MN in the cold and snow,) scrubbed gunk off White Castle walls, bussed table at a smorgasbord, cooked, washed dishes, worked at Target, assembled bicycles, held corporate jobs where I wore suits and traveled the country 3 weeks out of every month, sold exercised bikes to paralyzed people, wrote and designed NIE pages for a daily newspaper, created my own company, coded some large libraries of software that managed a profitable jobbank and now a stable of soccer tournaments. The experiences led me to write two books and was not the life I had planned to live with MY English degree. However, it has been a hell of a ride to date. (My oldest is a few years older than you.)

I don’t know what I’m gonna use my English degree for next — maybe I’ll write an essay on Medium or use it to play interesting fantasy characters on Twitter — but I’m sure its gonna be interesting, even if it may not be something entirely pleasant. Jobs are not so plentiful after one has crossed the half-century mark and lives in the remote suburbs. But I know it will lead to that next interesting life experience. Without rain, there are no rainbows.

(Speaking of rain, you have a typo; “fro” when you meant “for.” It’s what English Majors do… look for typos and mentally copyedit each other… you get it ;))