Do you know what is really going on here, my friend?
Mary Holden

This is an incomplete thought, but I’m gonna just spit it out anyway, make of it what you will.

The same powers that figured out we need water and proceeded to bottle it all up to sell it back to us are now in the process of figuring out that we need creativity and expression; they are in the “how do we bottle all this up to sell it back to folks” stage. To do that, they must drive down the perceived value of creative so that it is ubiquitous, like water. Who would ever charge human beings for water?!? (Remember the beat down The Beaver got from his dad for selling water to his neighbors and his brother Wally when he got wind that the water company was shutting it off for repairs on a hot day? Oh, the good ol days of morality. I’m drifting here…)

Anyway, incomplete thought but somehow dancing on the wider arc of the issue. I think. I dunno, maybe I’m just another blind man feeling up an elephant.

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