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This is where I get nearly apoplectic with Democrats who crow about how the ACA has given millions more health insurance like it's some sort of achievement. NO!!! You are putting millions more in debt, millions more who don’t understand OOP and co-pays, who think their marketplace plans means they are getting HEALTH CARE! And they can’t legally opt-out of health insurance without the IRS penalties now. The whole system is so craven and should be illegal. Should just be a tax and everybody gets health CARE, but as it is, just gonna put more people in medical debt.

Don’t even get me started about shackling parents now to providing health insurance to our <27 yr old ADULT CHILDREN, making it cheaper now for corps to hire younger and not provide benefits. DID NOBODY SEE THAT COMING?!? Bet they did but counted on us not.

So angry about all of this every day. Every. Single. Damn. Day. This is NOT what we wanted Obamacare to be.