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Too many people want to split too many hairs on defining things in an exact paradigm of a past that doesn’t exist within a framework of a present that is an evolution of all the pasts that came before it. It’s like averaging averages and wondering why you can never get to a number. Or, to quote Mean Girls, the limit does not exist. And now I’ve just added another subtext to that movie anyone reading this can’t inexperience. That’s how this all works.

We move forward the best we can, adjusting the sails with the winds. But when we argue about whether that is fascism or that other thing is or what role corporations used to play in relation to the state etc, it just distracts from the people who seek to usurp power from us to control us and enrich themselves. Without the limelight on them, they can continue to shape a world in which our non choices look like choices.

There is no real right or left, socialist or fascist. There is only power. I’m now paraphrasing Harry Potter so you won’t be able to unexperience that work as well. Individuals can’t overtly change the world. If you try, the State will find some way of incarcerating you because you threaten power. The secret is in passive resistance. Don’t buy that thing, call customer service frequently for no reason, write that letter to your Congressman forcing a response, forget your wallet with a full cart of groceries, show up at a ticket counter fumbling for your ID, walk slowly on the wrong side of the sidewalk, count out exact change, take your time counting your money at the bank drive-through…. there are all sorts of small things you can consciously do all day, every day to gum up the cogs of capitalism. Hey, we’re old men.. They gonna yell at us, Mike? There are no disadvantages, just different weapons.

Assuming you read this whole comment and have not yet concluded that I am an idiot, feel free to disagree as I work on an app that will change the world. It’s just a big button that you push and does nothing but makes you feel good. $4.99 in the AppStore.

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