And if I do get upset, I apologize to the CSR saying, “I realize it’s not your fault, and I’m trying very hard not to take it out on you. I apologize if it’s coming across that way.”
Common Courtesy Isn’t Any More
Kerry Kuhn

Totally gets said every few, like a station identification on a radio show, just to remind each of us we are upset about the company/product and not each other. But even then, it seems that accusing the customer of a hostile tone and ending the call is becoming more a part of the standard “script.”

I have no data to back that up, but I used to train customer service and CSRs way back in the day and I wouldn’t be surprised this has been added to the “tool kit,” especially with more outsourcing. The company doesn’t “own” the service call anymore, only the cost of it. They are happy to pay lower costs without asking too many questions to justify bad support. After all, who else are the customers gonna call??

We will get to where customers will be placed on black lists based on caller ID, nowhere to complain … oh, yeah. That is already happening… #spoiler

Never any excuse for just a nakedly abusive customer though. Also, it takes a helluva a lot for me to even pick up the phone to customer service. I’m only about 1% confident anything will ever get resolved antway. Lots of apologies, lots of empathy but little actual resolution. But still, 1%.. Better odds than the lottery!!