The “Pro Life” Section

WOW OH WOW! On the off chance the menu selection was placed there to promote discussion, I clicked. Nope.

The first article was entirely clueless or deliberately obtuse about the depth of conviction the “pro-life” crowd has to the single issue of abortion (I grew up Catholic in the ’60s… I’ve seen their mission first hand and it has not wavered. Not by a little bit. I cannot be unconvinced of that.)

The second shamed her parents’ life choices and blamed them for killing her siblings … yeah, I clicked off.

Medium is giving a voice to some very dangerous, ill-informed propaganda under the cloak of stories and discussion. It isn’t. But I’m gonna trust the Medium audience to be smarter than your average 4chan and Rediter..

For now. But the tide is turning as the militant realize Medium has trust they can exploit. Like the GOP…

For one glorious moment before we started falling to earth, we were flying.

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