Gérard Mclean
Nov 24 · 1 min read

YES! I get a lot of soccer tournaments who are leery of signing up for our event managent software because they are in an abusive relationship with their current software solution and don’t want to make another mistake with a new company. Basically, my sales pitch at that point is:

  • We don’t have multi-year contracts. We need to prove our value every year.
  • We register and hold your domain, but if you want to leave, we will help you transfer it to wherever else you want to go.
  • We will help you import your team and schedule data into your new software if you decide to leave us.

Basically, if you’re not happy being here with TourneyCentral we’d much rather see you leave than stick around and be miserable with our software. Some prospects believe and trust us; most don’t. I give them a list of events that were once with us, but for various reasons out of their control, they had to leave. Who gives a prospect a list of ex-clients? I do. It’s amazing how many prospect calls back.

It works; when clients feel they have the freedom to leave and not lose their data, marketing and SEO, they are actually more likely to stick around! (Sometimes, the feeling isn’t mutual, but it’s always appreciated 😁)

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