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YES, I’m watching that Aetna/Anthem stuff. I am literally raging daily just on that alone. So maddening Hillary talking “affordable” copays and deductibles. Does she know what she is saying? So much deliberately obtuse.

We’re already paying for UniversalHealthCare, we’re just paying the wrong damn people. I literally don’t know who these insurance companies think is their end customer! When they exit the ACA, raise their premiums so much that nobody can afford to actually buy anything… where do they see them selling their products? There must be this third layer of revenue somewhere that has nothing to do with health care. It’s insane!!!

We’re already paying. We are overpaying. If we raise income tax by 2%, rolled benefits costs into compensation, get rid of self-insured plan that big corps have, made Singlepayer the national plan, insurance companies do all the paperwork, don’t let employees just skip out of actually paying into a fund, there would be more than enough money to pay for the best doctors for EVERYONE. So much waste in the private mess we have now and more people are getting more unhappy. This is not gonna end well…