The Table is Served

There was recently a discussion about how full the pantry was with all kinds of snacks and cereals. This was brought up to raise awareness that we shouldn’t be spending money on things we don’t need. This made be think back to when I was in high school, Twelve years ago, the circumstances were different.

My dad is also a civil engineer, and a very good one. However, he worked at a company that was on the brink of bankruptcy. He always made reference to the situation as having little roaches’ wings, fragile and brittle. Although having a good salary, it didn’t help much when paychecks were one or two months late. Cash was scarce.

I remember coming back from church on a Sunday morning to find our refrigerator fairly empty. No one had come during our absence to steal our food. We had left it like that. Except for a few juices, cold cuts and cheeses, that was all we could afford at the moment. Then the door bell rang and it was aunt Tere with lunch. This situation was fairly common at our household. No matter what, the table was always served and we were never hungry.

Since then, I have asked my mother, several occasions, if people knew what we were going through. The answer was always no. I mentioned to her that during those years, I never felt we were having a rough time. I knew we were struggling, but the struggle was not that bad. We always pulled through and we were always taken care of. Everything just worked out right at the end.

Who I am, is a product of those days. I believe that I was building character and getting used to uncommon circumstances as being natural or simple everyday events in my life. I live with a permanent feeling that I don’t know where I will end up, but I know it will be somewhere good. Of course I don’t just sit down. I do what I can with the tools and cards that I have been dealt, but I also believe that I have that extra help. Too bad that sometimes I can only see the very next step and not even a glimpse of what is around the corner.

Today, things are a lot better, but always with a lot of “let’s see what happens” like in those old days. Relocating to Chicago, transferring to a different engineering school, getting a job out of college, and now moving to Spain are not things that I have planned for years. I am just moving forward, walking in what I perceive as correct decisions and obeying a God that never fails. It has worked so far, so I’ll keep the same formula. I’ll do all I can humanly give, but I know I can only do so much when things are bigger than my capabilities. I have dreams and desires that I want to fulfill in this life and it helps to know that I have a little extra “something”. When I turn that corner, I know that the table will be served.

Mom and Dad (circa 2006)
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