ok,Mr.President Barack Obama-I know you get scientific mind.very smart and intelligence-I know that for insurance.but some thing I want to tell you for ever in holle world life,we need open next mind step,and learn the truth on cosmos origen and solar system functionalism.and now you can help the world.I get the theory-cost to me 45 years in very hard study.looking by empirism any solar eclipse,from 1970–1984–1991-at 2015-my life did give to me that oportunity,I guess is GOD.but now Mr.Presidnt Obama I m asking for yours help-can do it.?this is not for us,its for all world,all humanity most to help to fix up climate condition.-I ant go to live to UA.-Mexico do not gets nothing about nuclear physics or cosmology-with my theory NASA-USA.GOV.save 30 thousnads millions dollars each year.please get yours answer back to me.at gerardonava2005@yahoo.com.mx-or send some body to my town in Ayotlan;jal.Mexico.this topic Obama is very important for world life.God Bless you.