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We’re sharing our company hurricane preparedness policy in hopes that this can be helpful to our friends on the east coast — or anyone who hasn’t been through as much as we have here in New Orleans. You’re welcome to take it and add it to your own company wiki, or share it with anyone it might help.

Florence looks gnarly. This is how we roll at Revelry. Godspeed.

First and Foremost: You are solely responsible for making safe and expedient decisions.

What’s written here is provided for informational purposes and is not exhaustive or guaranteed to keep you safe. …

Define. Create. Release. Repeat.

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Revelry Labs is a digital product design and development company.
3 years in business, 40 happy customers, 22 employees,
187 invoices sent, 184 invoices paid, 98% success rate,
$2MM+ in revenue.

This is how we roll.


Before we end any intake meeting, we talk budget.

We don’t need an exact number, but we need something. It could be the top line number, a range within reason, an hourly or day rate, monthly or yearly allocation of funds. Whatever the case, a financial transaction will take place.

The only way we can get our heads wrapped around the best way to solve a problem is knowing the constraints of a budget we have to work within. …

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One of our goals this year has been to systematize things in the Revelry process as much as possible. A thing our pal Rick Webb talks about in his new book Agency. Some of our work has involved creating documents like our handbook, on-boarding process, and training materials. We’ve also been building a product we use internally to automate various parts of our business workflow.

We’ve neglected, well, more like avoided, doing official performance and peer reviews. We all work closely together, follow our own version of Scrum/XP/Agile, but our reviews have always been random. And most of the time happen over a walk to grab a coffee. …


Gerard Ramos

Co-founder of Husband, father and builder of internet things.

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