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We’re sharing our company hurricane preparedness policy in hopes that this can be helpful to our friends on the east coast — or anyone who hasn’t been through as much as we have here in New Orleans. You’re welcome to take it and add it to your own company wiki, or share it with anyone it might help.

Florence looks gnarly. This is how we roll at Revelry. Godspeed.

First and Foremost: You are solely responsible for making safe and expedient decisions.

What’s written here is provided for informational purposes and is not exhaustive or guaranteed to keep you safe. …

Define. Create. Release. Repeat.

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Revelry Labs is a digital product design and development company.
3 years in business, 40 happy customers, 22 employees,
187 invoices sent, 184 invoices paid, 98% success rate,
$2MM+ in revenue.

This is how we roll.


Before we end any intake meeting, we talk budget.

We don’t need an exact number, but we need something. It could be the top line number, a range within reason, an hourly or day rate, monthly or yearly allocation of funds. Whatever the case, a financial transaction will take place.

The only way we can get our heads wrapped around the…

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One of our goals this year has been to systematize things in the Revelry process as much as possible. A thing our pal Rick Webb talks about in his new book Agency. Some of our work has involved creating documents like our handbook, on-boarding process, and training materials. We’ve also been building a product we use internally to automate various parts of our business workflow.

We’ve neglected, well, more like avoided, doing official performance and peer reviews. We all work closely together, follow our own version of Scrum/XP/Agile, but our reviews have always…

Pitching a new idea to Molly Lahr from American Family Ventures at Collision. Because startups.

Originally published at on May 13, 2015.

“Tomorrow is all about who hustles most.”

That’s what Jason Calacanis told me the night before TechCrunch 20. Now Jason and others are oversimplifying the costs of getting attention and throwing shade on startups paying to exhibit. The team at the recent Collision Conference in Las Vegas got our attention and created a rich environment for us to connect with other startups and investors. We paid our entry fee. We went. It worked.

Just as it did when I paid to exhibit at TechCrunch 20, co-created by Jason Calacanis.

You remember, right?

TC20: Startups had…

Long live SaaS!

Every Tuesday night in New Orleans the developer community gets together for Hack Night. We rave and argue about old and new technologies and platforms. It’s an open and welcoming group for presenting cool stuff you are working on and connecting to other developers in the city. We also drink. Well, we mostly drink. And argue. It’s fun.

Last week I was pitching my friend, Barrett Conrad, about this new product we’re building at Revelry. Barrett runs a boutique software development shop here in New Orleans called CotingaSoft. …

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Just when the summer starts to cool off, the startup hustle heats up. This fall will be boiling and it’s going to fly by. Get your shit together or you will lose.

There are metric fucktons of startups launching. Deals are going to be closing left and right in September and October. 67 accelerators are open for applications and competing for the best ideas.

Everyone is going to be competing for customers and eyeballs. Advertising and marketing spends are going to be at an all time high leading up to the holidays.

Things you can to do…

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