Death By SaaS

“How much money do you spend on SaaS services per month?”

I don’t recall the number of services or dollar amount, but the problem was there. Too many services, too much software, too many places to sign in and do things, and too many increasing costs.

Build vs. Buy

As many growing companies do, we ask ourselves, is this something we build, or do we pay for a service so we can move another needle forward? This eventually catches up with you. See problem above and Rule #1 below. As Thomas Knoll mentions in his post, Money = Time

“As if the reason we don’t have 12 more months to run the business was because I didn’t turn off that “$19 per month a/b testing service we weren’t using because we had our own solution” fast enough.
it is certainly stupid to waste money, maybe it would help to spend different money sooner.”

Thomas was making a general comment there. There wasn’t an individual service that was breaking the company, but that statement prompted me to take another look at all the services we were using at Revelry. Now, we do a monthly SaaS audit to trim the fat.

The Unspoken Rule of Software Development

Lock in your users. The number one rule has traditionally been to build software products that make it easy for users to get data into the system but also make it as difficult as possible to get data out.

Co-founder of Husband, father and builder of internet things.

Co-founder of Husband, father and builder of internet things.