Back to the Big Easy?
Chris Schultz


Last year: 
We invested over 20k in an event. I’m biased, but it was arguably the best event of Collisoin last year. An unforgettable experience for everyone that attended. At least 30 people that attended collision this year told me that the crawfish boil was the main reason they returned. We also spent a ton of time with our staff leading pub crawls, working on an event photobooth, and shut down our company days to attend and show people around the city.

This year: We sponsored the GNOinc party along with the organizations you mentioned, as well as Look Far, Turbosquid, zlein, and Stone Pigman. We helped with the pub crawls and a couple of us attended. We wanted to do more, but were pretty much cut out. I offered to host the boil again, offered to host an event at rock-n-bowl, intro’d collision staff to multiple local connections, offered to help recruit more regional companies and attendees from energy, maritime, hospitality, etc industries. I ended up handing over the blueprint for the event we put together and everything else justfaded away.

I’ve also been fighting an uphill battle building a technology company in New Orleans. All of my friends from the coasts thought I was crazy to move back home and there was no way to make it work here. Fast forward a few years and Revelry is now an amazing team of 30 people and grown over 1000% in the last 3 years.

Happy to help any way I can. Let’s Go Get Em.

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