How Gerard Saliot Contributed to Fijian Tourism Industry?

Most people would agree that the success of the tourism industry depends more on the quality of infrastructure and services available at a particular geographical location. Resorts, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, sports complex etc. are some essential features that pull in the travellers. These things are some integral traits of a tourist place or holiday destination. Visitors prefer spending their vacations where such facilities are available for fun, entertainment, relaxation and exciting activities for people from different age groups.

Therefore, building world-class tourism hubs is the first thing that tourist industries around the globe incline towards. Expertise in developing tourism master plans, ancillary services, and architectural design is essential in building those projects.

Euro Asia is one such popular company which provides project development and management services to its valuable customers in the tourism industry. Louis Gerard Saliot is the founder of Euro Asia, who led the foundation of the company in 1991 in collaboration with two partners and offices in Indonesia and Singapore. The company has been offering specialized services with the help of some skilled professionals in the industry.

Fiji, East Java, Singapore and Indonesia are the top countries in which Eura Asia has worked with local firms to develop tourism spots and leisure destinations. The company has offered a wide variety of services, such as designing and developing the Tourism Master Plan, architectural design, consulting, auditing, and other services required to boost the construction of tourist places, hotels and restaurants.

Besides Euro Asia, Gerard Saliot has established two sister companies called Hotel Modular Development and Euro Asia Contract. These two companies are assisting in the rapid construction of projects and making the procurement of useful accessories like furniture, cases, and other equipment.

It won’t be wrong to say that Mr Saliot has played a key role in developing and designing these projects, being the supervisor and initiator of the firm. It’s unlikely that people from these countries will forget his works and contributions in the tourism industry.