How much do you know about the man who transformed Fiji?

Gerard saliot

The beautiful island nation of Fiji is considered as a perfect holiday destination. It is in the South Pacific Ocean and blessed with some of the most beautiful landscapes on the earth. The beautiful island country got all the necessary infrastructure which attracts tourist but there were many barren islands in the past. The tourism sector of Fiji was not up to the mark earlier but one man changed the face of the tourism industry of this nation. The person who worked hard to change the face of the tourism industry of Fiji is none other than Louis Gerard Saliot.

The man who transformed Fiji

Gerard Saliot came forward when Fiji tourism needed someone to transform their desolate places into world-class tourist destinations. Natadola Bay project is one of the prime examples of his visionary projects in Fiji. The resorts in Natadola are made with keeping in mind the type of infrastructure tourists need while visiting Fiji.

Do you know that the famous golf course of Natadola organises the most prestigious international tournaments? Many PGA tournaments including the prestigious South Pacific Ocean championship had taken place in Natadola golf course. Fiji international, the biggest golf tournament of the island country also takes place in Natadola golf course every year.

The signature South Pacific landscape and the sight of pristine ocean water from golf course attract golfers from all around the world. These famous golf tournaments attract tourists from all around the world. Basically, Natadola golf course is helping Fijians in uplifting their economy. The tourism sector is the biggest contributor to the island country’s economy. The employment created by projects made by Gerard Saliot helped in the upliftment of youth of Fiji.

Louis Gerard Saliot got awarded by the government of Fiji for his vision, dedication and challenging work by elevating the tourism sector of the country. Contact us to know more about this living legend right now.