Louis Gerard Saliot-The Man Who Made Fiji a Tourism Hub

Fiji is a beautiful island country situated in the Southern Pacific Ocean. The state is well connected by airways and waterway from the neighbouring countries. It sits on an archipelago of 333 islands, of which only 110 islands, are suited for human habitation. But the inhabitable islands are filled with scenic beauty and sightseeing that can be enjoyed with “island hopping”.

The country is surrounded by the Koro Sea which is a paradise of adventures like snorkelling, scuba diving, watching coral reef, and jet ski boat. The turquoise water sceneries offer fantastic views to tourists while visiting the country. The presence of beautiful beaches in the islands offers an incredible experience to people while spending holidays with family and friends. The beachfront homes made on the islands are beautiful and useful to experience wonderful moments in life with sea-view rooms. Vanua Levu and Viti Levu are the biggest islands present in the country which supports 87% of the total population.

The island nation has become an ideal destination for buying homes for foreigners from different regions of the world. But, Fijian parliament allows only 8% of total lands to be sold to foreigners that too far away from the city to buy. Freehold land is up for sale to foreigners looking for a permanent settlement in the country. Staying permanently would be helpful in exploring the natural beauty and enjoy adventure activities during the leisure time. As Fiji is sparsely populated, it is an important way of living away from the city and lead a life amidst nature.

After returning to democracy, Fiji has progressed and won the confidence of investors in the tourism sector. Apart from that, buying a home in Fiji is one of the cheapest in the Southern Pacific regions. But, it is essential to follow the guidelines of Fijian parliament while buying properties. Otherwise, you would be entangled with the legal system of the country. A life amidst nature waits for you in Fiji. Fulfil your dream of living in a paradise buying a home in Fiji quickly.

Tourism Industry — The Mainstay of Fijian Economy

Tourism is the mainstay of the Fijian economy contributing to the growth of national GDP and creation of employment opportunities for youths. It is the only way of earning significant currency exchange for the country. The tourism industry is playing a significant role in the development of country’s GDP.

Fiji has become one of the leading tourist’s centres in Southern Pacific Ocean. Thousands of people from different regions of the world visit and explore the country every year. Fiji, the country equipped with all the natural wonders in the form of beautiful coastal lines, beaches, palm trees, rich cultural histories of natives really, became a favourite spot. The country is situated for both family and special holidays for the couples. Being smitten by the natural sceneries, many famous personalities have bought properties in the island country for their future stays.

Tourism Industry Woes in The Past

Everyone who visited Fiji praises the world-class facilities for tourist available in all destinations apart from natural beauty. Check different blogs on Fiji, and you will observe how every traveller is praising about the hospitality of the local people and the industry. But the scenario of the island nation tourism industry was different in the past. The tourism industry was struggling due to low standards in infrastructure, hubs, and restaurants, though there was sightseeing. To tackle this problem, Fijian government took help of foreign realtors, architects, and engineers. There is one man who worked hard to turn Fiji into an international tourist building infrastructures like a hub, garden, resorts, beachfront homes, and other facilities in the island country. The name of this great man with a vision is Louis Gerard Saliot. He has contributed tirelessly for the upliftment of the tourism industry since inception in the country. Being the CEO/President of EAMG, he worked dedicatedly to realise his dream of turning Fiji into a beautiful paradise for tourists. Though he worked on many projects, yet he is best known for his contribution to the Natadola Marine Project in Fiji.

Natadola Marine Project

This is a dream project for Gerard Saliot to create beautiful garden, villas, spa, resorts, and apartment under a single place to provide a comfortable experience to tourist. Chosen to build near to the Natadola Bay, the project would be complete paradise for the tourists when completed. Fijian Government supported the project and offered him accolades for this program but still needed a huge push to realise what has been realised so far. The project has also popularised the one man who created history, and he is none other than the Gerard Saliot. Under the project, several hotels and resorts came up and added more to the Fijian economy. Several people still pray for him feeling indebted due to the kinds of activities he carried out.

It is significant on the part of the tourism that the country needed push for boosting up the tourism industry. The project had provided so many things as part of travel. Gerard Saliot has become a brand as he has been associated with all kinds of development. Since, he has been associated with the Euro-Asia Management Group in Hong Kong, Jakarta and Singapore. The company has been offering the solution and catering the needs of development in sectors such as tourism, leisure estate and hospitality projects.

Natadola Golf course: the pride of Fiji

Natadola Golf course is one of the most famous and beautiful golf courses in the world. Numerous PGA and other world-class golf tournaments are organised in this exquisite Fijian golf course every year. The biggest golf tournament of Pacific region takes place on this golf course. Natadola Bay Golf course is made in traditional South Pacific island style. The beautiful coral reefs in the background and breathtaking scenery of Pacific Ocean in 15 out of 18 holes makes difficult for golfers to concentrate on their game. Worldwide champion golfers take part in tournaments organised in this golf course. These championships with star golfers attract many tourists from all around the world.

Natadola Bay Golf course and many other tourists attracting spots made by Gerard Saliot are a blessing for the economy and people of Fiji. The employment generated by Natadola marine bay resorts and the golf course is helping the youth of this island nation. Gerard Saliot got awarded after all his contribution in the upliftment of tourism sector and economy of Fiji. He has used both scientific and eco-friendly techniques in the development of projects in the country.

Why Has Gerard Saliot Developed Fiji Tourism Industry?

Gerard has already seen and thought about developing tourism as it is the only industry in the market which creates different kinds of opportunities. This is the reason he planned and created a roadmap related to the Natadola which later created ripples of appreciation and admiration for him. Today, Fiji tourism revolves around the development that took place that led to the emergence of many valuable assets for the country. The positive change that can be seen include the employment generation.

The project which shaped up many restaurants, star categorised hotels and resorts have given plenty of jobs to the local Fijians. It is enjoyable for people who would never have had a trip to an exotic land, who can go for a trip to Fiji. There is so much to explore in the country. The rich historical cultures and beautiful beaches mix up the romance of history can natural wonders.

Having contributed so much to such remarkable way, the Fiji country truly owes him. He has the big heart with a whole brain which is inclined to helping others. This is the reason he had a vision of his determining eyes and mission on his shoulders. But right after completion of the projects, he became a hero and indeed given something to cheers to Fijians. The kinds of popularity he holds today, it all could be possible only due to his consistent effort and dedication.

One of the best qualities of him is he has a never say die attitude and always give finishing touch to whatever he starts. These days the island country is giving tough competition to the other countries through the development of tourism. The country has had a lot of changes recently. Now one can witness many international events taking place there. This is the reason why some of the best Golf tournaments are being held here. Besides, the Fijians are enjoying the regular income flows through various kinds of touristy activities. Fiji has not only changed its image in the international platform but also succeeded in showcasing its richness to the world.

Gerard Saliot has always proved wrong to the people who have been critics. But the fact is he is the man in the mission when he starts working on his project. The kind of work he does reflects his personality full of charismatic characters such as determination, devotion, hardworking and beliefs in social entrepreneurship.

A Complete Holiday Destination

Fiji is a great place to holiday with your family and friends. The tiny island nation in South Pacific Ocean offers an excellent experience to their tourists. The country is blessed with beautiful hills, white sandy beaches and exquisite coral reefs with distinct flora and fauna. Visitors can enjoy different water sports like surfing, kayaking, snorkelling, boating, scuba diving, etc. Apart from water sports, visitors can go for hiking on tall mountains and roam in dense rainforests. That is why he has won accolades and praises of the Fijian government. If you want to witness the natural beauty of Fiji, contact us today.

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