Yo, she in another castle…

You passive aggressive douche bag
 Stepped on then jumped on
 Why the fuck you so mad
 Running back and forth jumping on shit
 That ole steal coins throwing fire and shit
 Which is why your brother don’t fuck with ya
 And why ya main gal gave up on ya
 Always in another castle, that’s for show
 You already knew she was panty dropping pussy popping
 Blowing on flutes, you already know her dusty ass ain’t playing on level two
 She rather be queen to a koopa and not a troopa to a koopa
 But you take it out on me even though I been down since day one
 Straight from the egg to the fire
 When you needed to jump I help you get higher
 And yet I still get played, completion of this level, another adventure delayed
 But no more biting my tongue, I’m putting a engine under my ass to have you on the run
 Three red turtle shells to your head got you tumbling over that rainbow edge
 Ain’t no green mushroom gone be raising you from the dead