You Like ME!?

You know, it’s kind of funny how she make me stutter
 Trying to confess my feelings but the only words that come out are mumbles and mutter
 Laughing at her jokes like I’m Mutt Mutley and Mumbles mix with Sloth after eating too much chocolate
 Causing awkward to interfere in this conversation
 Wondering how this became a drunk autistic whale sighting location
 Why didn’t I keep my mouth shut and chuckle
 Instead of engaging in this hysterical battle
 The fat kid and the belt buckle
 Wishing this moment would hurry up and fast
 But for some reason the time lingers like the last five minutes of class
 Leaving the teacher enough time for two pop quiz and a book report on that ass
 Funny how moments like this freeze in time
 Although to my surprise an unfamiliar look when I look in her eyes
 No judgement or ridicule from the sound that escaped my teeth
 In fact, quite the opposite, a disposition of glee
 Who would have ever thought she would like me for me
 Socially awkward but not afraid to be
 Free from society ill fated destiny
 Losing yourself trying to achieve for others to see
 With a smile on her face she said that she likes me for me
 Spoken twice for me to believe that over silly sounds she would never leave
 Confessions of future hope of me making that eternal promise upon one knee
 So with a big smile on her face she said she love me for me
 Oh a sweet third time, I stretch my limbs cause like a genie I’m free