Hi guys,

Finally I am going to start this blog about web development. I am working in IT for 7 years of my 24. For these years I was working at 5 different companies as Junior and as a Middle developer, managed small GIS team and frontend team, finally changed everyday office work to remote and found my own small project. Now I am happily employed and studying as a postgraduate student in Computer Sciences

Everyone meet a lot of notable situation in their work but they does not collect them in any way. I will try to collect and share with you most interesting issues from my everyday developer life. The main purpose of this blog is to collect everyday tips and tricks, to store “the things I am proud of” for future me and for HRs, and to get community feedback for my solutions

I have not updated my github profile since university and it is a great chance for me — all samples will be published there

My goal is to make my frontend to be “more 2017”. We will mostly talk about modern frontend development with Angular, TypeScript, CSS3, advanced JS, websockets, SSE, etc. Some of my posts will be about advantages and disadvantages, do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks of remote job in IT. If you are inspired with these things too — follow me and please provide your feedback!