Hey, guys! I’m Pavel, Scrum Master and Development Lead at Wrike. This story is part of my “Experiments in the Team” series in which I share my experiences with coaching the team and improving our culture.

The problem

Last time we discussed improving your retrospectives. An improved retrospective is expected to give the team a number of action items related to improving their processes or agreements (something like “ best practices”) of dealing with different situations.

Let’s take a look at these best practices. For example, after a year of experiments and mistakes we’ve gathered the following:

  • Development flow : Code review…

Hey, guys! I’m Pavel, Scrum Master and Development Lead at Wrike. This story is part of my “Experiments in the Team” series where I share my experiences of coaching the team and improving our culture.

The problem

You may be familiar with the cargo cult concept. It originated from the situation with Melanesia islanders, who obtained useful supplies from airplanes stationed on their island during WWII. When the soldiers eventually left after the war, the islanders tried to reproduce all the steps that the soldiers used to do in hopes that the supplies would keep coming. …

In the previous post we discussed the basics of RouteReuseStrategy. We have created a sample implementation of the strategy and made it to work. One of the main issues here is that RouteReuseStrategy can not manage your scrolls. Let’s try to solve it

An issue

Our main goal was to reuse components that were already initialized. Angular can store the component context, scope and element and use them again when RouteReuseStartegy asks about it.

But Angular stores just the DOM. If we want to store our scrolls position, we should mind that scroll is outside of the DOM.


So, we have to…

Sometimes we face an interesting problem in single-page application: we need our parent component to be reused after navigating back to it from any child route. Some examples:

  • a list should pick up previous scroll position and selection,
  • a map should restore its position, zoom and added objects after going to object details,
  • a video player should restore playback position, added markers, comments,
  • a chart should restore its zoom, colors, scroll positions, data sets, etc

Angular 4 will be released tomorrow, on March 22, 2017 and will be back compatible with Angular 2 — this announce was published last December and tomorrow we will be able to upgrade Angular in our projects. There are 5 release candidates now and I tried the last one with my own project. That’s how it was

Is it really back compatible?

Yes, it is. When I have upgraded Angular version I got just 2 errors. The first one was Node Sass could not find a binding for you current environmentand was fixed with simple node rebuild node-sass.

The second was absoultely incomprehensible: Uncaught Type…

We are still working at sample bot for taking orders in online store. Last time we finished with a project deployed on heroku, connected to mongodb and able to store messages to the database

If we want to take and handle orders from our customers we need to know their contact phone to confirm the order and optionally their location to deliver the order. Telegram provides both these things with custom keyboards

The main idea here is to use a keyboard with buttons “Share my phone number” and “Share my location”. …

If you age going to create your first own bot since Telegram announced Bot API and still do not create it — not a problem. Here are few simple steps that should help you start with NodeJS, MongoDB and Heroku

Let’s create a simple bot that should be able just to store all messages to database and show them back to user

At first we should go to BotFather and ask him to create a /newbot . He should give you token to access the HTTP API. That is it — your bot is ready to start!

Preparing the app

Your bot is…

Angular CLI is powerful tool for scaffolding your projects. Just type a few lines in command line

ng serve

and you will get a ready to use project. It is a magic!

No, it is not

It works really great if you want to start new Angular project, but I got a lot of issues when I wanted to use angular-cli in existing one or just to have a custom project structure.

For now angular-cli does not support custom blueprints so if you do not like defaults you have three ways:

  • wait for native support in angular-cli
  • use third…

Hi guys,

Finally I am going to start this blog about web development. I am working in IT for 7 years of my 24. For these years I was working at 5 different companies as Junior and as a Middle developer, managed small GIS team and frontend team, finally changed everyday office work to remote and found my own small project. Now I am happily employed and studying as a postgraduate student in Computer Sciences

Everyone meet a lot of notable situation in their work but they does not collect them in any way. I will try to collect and…

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