Why Black People Can’t Be Racist in America
Brittany Cesarini

Lady, take a step back from this article and let yourself absorb how this article comes across to readers. You sound absolutely deluded and you sound like you’re too fragile to actually maneuver through your life without some paranoia induced by a pathological victim complex.

I believe the fears and worries that you claim you and your husband had while in Pennsylvania are(to say the least) dramatized and based in hysterical delusions. You were afraid that a rural Pennsylvania resident might shoot your husband because he’s black? That’s hard to believe. You don’t know those people. Contrary to what you’ve apparently convinced yourself to be true, they have no interest in shooting anyone. The best case scenario is a lengthy and expensive legal process, and it could lead to jail time for murder. Those people want no part of that. Not to mention that THE VAST MAJORITY of people (yes, even white people) just don’t want to kill or maim strangers because it’s, I don’t know, morally reprehensible.

I think you’re using your black husband and paranoid delusions to gain social justice points and portray yourself as a profoundly enlightened woman. I think your writing on this subject is manipulative as is your “definition fetishism”.

When you define racism so narrowly, you can include or exclude whoever you want in that definition, so let me put it this way. Black people (just as all others) can be terribly vicious, cruel, violent, spiteful, prejudiced, and bigoted toward other races. Honestly, that’s what matters to people.

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