Tears of Joy (A letter to Yasmine Evjen.)

Despite seeing the new Material podcast shirt and hearing about you getting a job at Google, I am only now listening to the latest episode of the podcast and am so sad to hear you’ll be leaving the podcast but so happy for her. You, Russell and Andy Ihnatko have made my days so much brighter. It’s so inspiring to me that one of my fellow Android/Google lovers get a job at the company all of us Listenerds love. I don’t want to make this all about me but I’d like you to know how much this has affected me. As of late I had my grant appeal for college denied and couldn’t go to college because of that. I’ve had problems with anxiety and depression in the past from the pressures of school and working on a farm at home so this blow has hit my self esteem pretty hard.
 However your success has touched me so much that I’ve started to feel that drive and motivation again. Whether I have to try for the course grant again or try for another career I’ve considered, I’m not gonna let setbacks hit me as hard again and keep me down. Your perseverance in getting a new job is an example I want to embrace. Listening to podcasts like Material and so many more have helped shape who I am and for that I have to thank you for promoting diversity in the tech sector and for being an inspiration to all of us.
 I’m so happy for you to finally get your dream job and hope someday once your schedule is balanced and things have calmed down with this big move, you might be able to go on a podcast every now and then. I wish you all the best in your awesome, new job and hope to hear all the details when you start getting drone delivered burritos from Google.

From one of Material podcast's biggest fans to one of my favourite Hostnerds, good luck in taking over Google and Stay in Material !!

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