De overheid is vrijwel volledig afhankelijk voor haar functioneren van software. Veel van die software is speciaal voor haar geschreven, soms door overheidsdienaren maar meestal door ingehuurde medewerkers .

Deze software voert onze wetten uit. Maar hoe weten we of de software ook de wetten uitvoert zoals we willen? Hoe kunnen we controleren of de toeslag die we uitgekeerd krijgen wel juist wordt berekend? Hoe weten we of de belastingregels juist worden toegepast? Hoe kan iemand controleren of de politie iemand op juiste wijze heeft opgespoord? …

If you’re slightly interested in Bitcoin and related technology you have probably heard about The DAO, Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Curious to know more, I’ve read the whitepaper on The Dao website, on DAO, as well as the code of the smart contracts, freely accessible on Github.


Based on my understanding from what I’ve now read, The DAO is in a way a token contract on steroids. For those that don’t know what a token is: that’s another word for coin and similar to a coupon or share. Creating a token is very easy with Ethereum, by creating a token contract. The only challenge is getting people to accept your token and attach a certain value to it.
Bitcoin have value because it allows you use the vast Bitcoin network, Ether has value because it allows you to use Ethereum. Digix, a novel token on top of Ethereum, have value because they’re backed by gold.
Similarly DAOs have value because they’re backed by the Ether for which they have been bought and the value of the executed proposals (~ projects) TheDao is doing. …

Bitcoin’s only some weird digital money, interesting to cypherpunks only? With nearly all financial institutions investigating or investing in Bitcoin-related technologies I guess the answer is obvious. But does Bitcoin have any value to you, if you’re not into the banking? Certainly: a lot of innovative products work on top of Bitcoin or use the blockchain in another way. In this article I’ll list some recognizable problems, from Bicycle-renting to digitally signing documents to selling the electricity your windmill has generated to your neighbor, and solutions on the blockchain.

Proof on the internet

If you want to legally proof the existence of any document at a certain moment, like a contract or an story or just an email with a simple notice, numerous services exist to digitally sign your document, likeSilanis’ E-Signature, Adobo’s eSign services or lesser known Dutch companies like RPost or Xolphin’s Digitale Handtekeningen. …


Gerbrand van Dieijen

Software developer, interested in what is programming and how we perceive it. Also father of three children

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