I am VIP of Christe/God with a certification of Peace Missionary and UN-Membership antil the year 2018 as United Nation Peace Keeping Diplomatic Agent for a four year tenure of office!

Would you like engage me for some responsibility for different works — I am a women of a rarity value, I am not any corruptible — and why — please read my biografie http://www.news4press.com/Book-Presentation-My-vision-of-life_933215.html and you will more understand of me — If you order me following in your team-work — I work only for money what my status as certified mental coach from the best of the best over many years now well-deserved. Some one sad to me: “I have heard, that one word of you is a rarity of 100 $, please give me a word!” Yes, You will get some more words, becouse you will maybe not understand one of my words — Believe in Christe/GOD and you will have the VIP-card for the heaven and your work will be start on earth just in the minutes!”

“O yes, thanks, you will get more money, becouse I understand you — I feel you have words of truthfulness! I was lifelong surching for this card, but I found only lie cards!

Please not, you will up to now have more tears, but do not worry, it help you to clear your soul to forget what other people will do with you in future. As a child of Christe/God you will have more hostilities as before — that is the sign of the allmighty Christe/GOD. But you will have more peace in your soul, if you will be the proofed like gold in the fire.

My words for you furthermore: Believe and Trust —

Be meek, but have courageous dreams, laugh often and be in a good spirit!

Through a Heart with Love/Agape, Mercy and Gratitude,

Which gives you Joie De Vivre. This is all granted by God, Who is the Creator of all that exists.

http://www.hilfe-depressionen.de and http://www.awpsg.com